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Lawn Renovations for Bend, Oregon Lawns

If you live in the Bend area, you are probably familiar with some of the struggles we face with gardening and lawn care in our short, dry summer season. This climate, combined with our low-nutrient and sandy soil, makes for a lot of lawns in need of a lot of help. Thanks to our sustainable, organic approach to lawn care, and our years of experience as lawn care providers in Bend, OR, Clean Air Lawn Care Bend is the clear choice for your lawn renovation. Are you ready to learn more about our lawn renovation services? Get in touch for a free estimate, or read on below to get the details.

What is a Lawn Renovation?

A lawn renovation takes a dry, weed-infested, and unhealthy lawn and turns it into a healthy, lush lawn with fewer weeds, higher resistance to disease, and healthy, water-efficient soil. Lawn renovations entail a multi-step process (you can see our process in detail below) that removes old, dead growth, primes and enriches the soil, and grows new grass from seed. A full lawn renovation is usually done in the fall or spring when soil temperatures are warm, but the air is cool — an ideal time for grass seed to germinate.

lawn renovation before and after
A lawn in Bend, OR before a lawn reno, during regrowth, and after a full lawn renovation

Lawn renovations are often referred to as “lawn restorations” because their goal is typically to restore a lawn to its optimum state. However, some lawns have never made it to the lush, healthy, and green condition that is the goal for Clean Air Lawn Care lawns. With this in mind, we refer to the revitalization and beautification of a dry, weedy, and thatched lawn as a “renovation.” Our goal is to turn your lawn into something that is better than it has ever been before.

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Just like the rest of our lawn care services and treatments, we use a sustainable and organic approach to lawn renovation. We focus on the health of the soil by applying high-quality, organic fertilizer and rich compost top dressing after we re-seed a lawn. These treatments are designed to enrich the soil with the much-needed nutrients, minerals, and soil microbes that healthy grass needs.

Why Renovate Your Lawn?

Not every lawn needs a full lawn renovation. You may just need to start treating your lawn with high-quality organic fertilizers and focusing on proper watering, mowing, and weed control. However, if you look out your window and see more dry or dead grass and weeds than healthy, green grass, you are probably in need of a lawn renovation.

Your lawn is not a lost cause! We can bring your lawn back to life.

lawn renovation in bend, oregon
Another Bend, OR lawn before a lawn reno and during regrowth.

There’s a variety of reasons why renovating your lawn might be a good idea. In the dry, low-nutrient, and sandy loam soil of the Bend area, we see a lot of lawns that need a lot of help. Some of them have seen damage from nearby Juniper trees, some have been left untended for years, and some were never given a chance to really thrive. No matter the reason for renovating your lawn, we want you to know that we can help you have a beautiful, healthy lawnno matter its current condition.

What Do Lawn Renovations Include?

1) Lawn Aeration

The first step of your lawn renovation will be aeration. Lawn aeration is necessary to create a healthy lawn out of a damaged, unhealthy one. Unhealthy lawns tend to have compact soil and shallow roots. Aeration directly addresses this issue by allowing more air and oxygen, water, and nutrients to infiltrate and circulate in the soil. Increased oxygen, nutrients and moisture leads to deeper roots and healthier grass. Your lawn renovation starts with aeration because it will allow the nutrients from the fertilizer and compost top dressing to do their job, and the new grass growth to grow strong, deep roots. All of this helps us reach our goal of creating a green, lush lawn that is healthy in the short AND long term.

2) Lawn Dethatching

Next, we dethatch the lawn. A thin layer of thatch in a lawn is a good thing, but lawns that are in need of a renovation usually have a thick layer of thatch, which prevents the development of healthy grass roots and increases vulnerability to pests and diseases. Thick thatch also prevents water and nutrients from penetrating the soil. By removing the excess thatch, we prime the lawn for optimum nutrient and moisture uptake, which will encourage healthy, new grass growth.

3) Rake and Removal of Debris

This step is pretty simple but it is an important part of the process. After aeration and dethatching, there is a lot of debris left behind on the lawn. We rake up all of that debris so that we have a “clean slate” when we seed the lawn.

4) Seeding

After we’ve primed your soil with aeration and dethatching for optimum water and nutrient uptake, we seed it with high-quality grass seed. We use a central Oregon grass seed blend which consists of bluegrass, rye, and fescue. This blend has proven to be a resilient and efficient grass blend for our region.

5) Organic Fertilization and Compost Top Dressing

After prepping the soil and seeding the lawn, we need to make sure that the new grass has the minerals, nutrients, and microbes it needs to grow and thrive. Our fertilization treatment is organic and focused on supporting healthy grass growth and healthy soil. We also use a high-quality compost top dressing that infuses the soil with beneficial microbes, minerals, nutrients, and organic matter.

6) Irrigation and Maintenance

Finally, we make sure you are prepared and supported as you take charge of nurturing the new growth in your lawn. We check your irrigation system if you have one, or make recommendations for watering if you don’t. We will also discuss maintenance options for your new lawn, including continuing organic fertilization treatments and setting up our all-electric, solar-powered mowing service. We’ll make sure you’re prepared for growing your new, healthy, and organic lawn.

If you’d like to see if your lawn would benefit from a full renovation, get in touch. We’ll let you know what would be best for getting your lawn back in shape.

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