Sisters Lawn Care

Experience the Difference of Organic and Electric Sisters Lawn Care!

solar-powered electric Sisters lawn care

Solar-Powered Electric Equipment – Quiet, Clean, Zero Emissions

Our Sisters lawn care services start with solar-powered, electric lawn mowers, blowers, and trimmers to maintain lawns and keep them beautiful. Electric lawn equipment is 75% quieter than gas-powered equipment, many customers don’t even know we are there! Plus, electric equipment is odorless, and has zero emissions and is great for the environment.

Gas-powered lawn mowers create a large amount of air pollution. Our electric equipment cuts all of these harmful pollutants to zero, making your air safer and healthier — just like your lawn!

We power our electric equipment with solar panels on top of our trucks. This keeps our electric equipment charged throughout the day, and allows us to harness the sun’s power to mitigate further emissions.

pet-safe healthy lawn

Kid- and Pet-Safe Organic Fertilizers & Weed Control

Our organic fertilization and weed control programs are safe for pets and kids. You can have a green, lush and healthy lawn without the use of harmful chemicals! We use custom, organic pet-safe fertilizer and soil builder that increase the health of grass and soil without harming those who enjoy it. 

The organic approach we use to nourishing healthy lawns is based on soil and plant science. We know that healthy grass can only be grown from healthy soil. Conventional lawn care companies use synthetic chemicals to fertilize the lawn and kill weeds. These chemicals destroy the life within the soil, which makes your lawn more dependent on them. Clean Air Lawn Care uses an organic approach that feeds the soil and grows a healthy lawn that can be more drought-, weed-, and pest-resistant.

Excellent Customer Service

five star customer service

We are a 5-Star Service

The care we have for our customers as much as we care for their lawns. We listen, communicate and provide the services they need. To keep customers up to date on what is going on with their lawn and the services provided, we offer relevant communication. 

We’re confident that you’ll love your lush, healthy lawn and our crews! Take a look at some of our reviews here. 

Full-Service, Sustainable, and Premium Lawn Care

Professional, Experienced Owner and Crew

Our attention to detail and sustainable services will make your lawn the most healthy lawn in the neighborhood. We maintain lawns using methods to naturally keep weeds out, grow more lush and help take in water and nutrients better. Combine a healthy lawn with our stellar customer service, knowledgeable Owner, and professional crew to get a premium lawn care service that is simply unbeatable. We are your provider for weekly mowing, fertilization and compost top dressings. We also provide hedge trimming, garden bed maintenance and even full lawn renovations. Yes, we do it all.